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Help! My Cat Won’t Stop Peeing!

cat won't stop peeing, cat urinating in house suddenly
My little kitten Kea before I finally trained her to stop cat peeing and stop cat spraying in the house

There she is, my furry little angel at only 8 weeks old!  If you’ve had your fluffy friends since the kitten days then you probably remember the first time you saw those big gorgeous eyes, OMG love at first site!  I named this little girl in the photo Kea.  Her mother was a stray cat that had given birth to 3 kittens and Kea was the baby of the family.  Things went smoothly when I first brought Kea home but after a few weeks this little kitty turned into my houses worst nightmare!

I quickly found myself telling the neighbors, help, my cat won’t stop peeing everywhere!  My cat Kea would pee in the corners of my rooms, on my living room carpets and even on the kitchen table!  My cat would pee everywhere but the litter box!  (Oh my poor rusted cookware.)  I tried so many ways to get my cat kea to stop peeing in the house but nothing I read online would actually stop my cat from peeing on everything.  I was ready to completely give up hope but after some friendly girl pep talk I tried once more. 

Finally, I found methods that were actually studied by a practicing veterinary technician named Sarah Richards and backed by the ASPCA!  After that my problems were solve and my kitten was happily peeing in the litter boxes!  What I learned from Sarah was a life saver!

Her information is the only thing that actually works to stop your cat from peeing or even spraying in the house permanently.  You can click here to see what finally solved my cat peeing problems for good.

The first time my cat started urinating in house suddenly it was the weirdest thing.  Everything seemed fine when I brought her home.  Luckily, I had a lot of time off from work and I was trying to teach her to go in the litter box everyday.  But no matter what I did my cat would keep peeing on everything!

I can remember talking to my mother telling her that my cat won’t stop peeing in the house, how can I stop my cat from peeing outside the litter box?  She told me that I’d be able to find out some information online so I looked around.  (My 70 year old mother told me to google it, can you believe that!?)  So after trying out multiple different ways to stop my cat from peeing everywhere these are the most effective ways I’ve found to stop cat peeing outside the litter box.

cat still peeing and spraying everywhere
I found out how to stop my cat from peeing in the house after my cat was urinating in house suddenly!

Change That Litter!

  • While strolling in PetCo one day (stopping to look at the silly ferrets) I found some organic litter that looked and smelled like natural cedar.  I thought it would be great for my little kitten since it’s healthier and safe for the environment.  But once I laid it in the litter box my puffy little princess refused to go in.  I swear all cats think they’re royalty!

  • Cats are very sensitive to new environments and scents.  If you have recently changed the litter or have been using some alternative litter that they do not like they absolutely will not go in the litter box until you change it!  It’s there way or the highway girl!

Check Your Animals!

  • One day while I was visiting my close friends apartment I notice that all her chairs were wet and smelled like cat pee (a very familiar odor.)  When I asked her what happened she looked over to me in frustration and said, “oh my god, my cat won’t stop peeing or spraying everywhere and I don’t know why!”  All of a sudden my friend freaked out, shaking my body like we were in the movie The Parent Trap asking me, “how can I stop my cat from peeing on everything?”  Then I saw that her roommate had recently brought his dog into the apartment.  (I never liked her roommate anyway.)

  • If your cat won’t stop peeing in the house or your cats keep spraying everywhere it may because of the stress they feel if a new animal has been introduced to there living space.  Cats are not very fond of changes and when a new animal is brought into their territory it disrupts their comfort and routine.  As a result, cats send signs when they pee or spray to show that they are stressed and unhappy.  The best thing to do in this situation is remove the new animal for a while and see how your cat behaves.

Buy Those Boxes!

  • Kea was the first cat I took care of and since I only had one feline I thought that I’d only need one litter box.  Like most people I placed the litter box in the bathroom, far away from any of the other rooms because I definitely did not want to see or smell that stuff!  Apparently my kitty felt the same because she never went there!

  • Cats need multiple litter boxes placed in different spots around the house.  If you have 1 cat you’ll need 2 litter boxes, 2 cats need 3 litter boxes and 4 cats need 5 litter boxes.  Make sure you always have 1 or 2  extra litter box for your kitties.  This helps them feel more comfortable at home knowing that they have multiple options.

  • Ok now, it’s important to note that the placement of a litter box is just as important as the amount!  You need to position your litter boxes in places where you kitties feel safe and comfy with ample room to exit just incase they need to make a daring get away!  Cats need to know that they can disappear at a moments notice, they like being mysterious!  Make sure the litter boxes are open and exposed enough for them to come in and out when they want.

Fix Them Up!

  • Luckily I didn’t have this problem with my first cat Kea since I got her spayed at the right time but this was a problem from the other cats that I adopted later on.  I know some of my friends who chose not to get there cats spayed or neutered because they through it was not natural or humane.  Long story short, they’re google search history was full of things like, stop your cat from peeing and spraying, how to stop female cat spraying, cat won’t stop peeing, will male cats stop spraying after being fixed, stop my cat from spraying, the list went on and on.  (Side note: I don’t go over there houses often).

  • Cats that are not spayed or neutered will have more of a tendency to pee or spray.  Both are ways for them to either mark there territory or indicate to the world that they are fertile and ready for a good time, if you know what I mean!  If you do not want to get your cat spayed or neutered but still need to stop your cat from peeing and spraying then there are some advanced techniques to do this which I only learned from Sarah’s cat training course here.

Call Up Your Vet!

  • If you’ve tried all the basic ways of trying to stop your cat from peeing in the house or trying to stop your cat from spraying everywhere and they’ve all failed then you cat might have a medical emergency.  Some medical conditions that may be causing your cat to still be peeing and spraying everywhere could be urinary tract infections or blockages.

  • If your kitties are peeing in the worst places right in front of you or moaning while they do it they are trying to get you attention and tell you that something is wrong!  I always cry thinking about the possibility that my cats or any kitties could be in continuous pain.  Pay close attention to their behavior around you house or apartment.  If your cat is urinating in house suddenly this may be time to get to the vet asap!

cat won't stop peeing
This kitty kept peeing in my house, I’m so happy this cat is not still peeing and spraying everywhere!

These are all the basic ways that I’ve learned to stop cat peeing in the house or apartment.  Before my cat stopped peeing on everything I had to clean up her previous rampages around the house over and over again.  It was super annoying because I had to do it everyday, constantly cleaning each spot where she peed.  It was all worth it in the end, but out of all the ways I learned to stop my cat from peeing outside the litter box the most effective ways of stopping my cat from peeing in the house came from Sarah Richards methods on how to stop cat peeing and spraying permanently.

If you’re interested in learning from the cat expert Sarah and finally solve your cat peeing and spraying problems for good you can find out more information here.

Her years of knowledge and skill as an experienced veterinarian technician for the ASPCA has helped her create an amazing course that actually works to stop cat peeing and spraying for good!  Without her techniques there’s no way I would have stopped my cat from peeing on everything!  Now my home is cat pee free forever and I can do yoga in peace.